About some superheroes

About some superheroes

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Creeping Judas: I was talking about Batman/Dark Knight last night with the wife and we got into a discussion whether he is a superhero or not? Wikipedia defines a superhero as such: By most definitions, characters need not have actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes, although sometimes terms such as costumed crime fighters are used to refer to those without such powers who share other common traits with superheroes. He has no super powers, he hasn’t been bitten by a bat to give him the bat like abilities, he has no extra sensory powers related to a bat?? So my answer is no, he is not a super hero!!

Hitman: Is Iron Man a Superhero? He doesn’t have powers. You could argue that Tony Stark is like Bruce Wayne: Rich enough and smart enough to build what they need to fight crime. I would consider them superheros, just for the fact that they are symbols to the public and do what no others do. They fight a higher level of crime and evil. Although thinking about it, does Batman’s Villains have super powers? Joker, Two Face, Riddle, Catwoman. They are all just human with a little bit of psycho thrown in.

Skeleton: He is a superhero though, albeit one without powers. If you take in his superior physical conditioning, the amount of fighting styles he knows, and his insane detective skills, wrap that all up in a tormented human being in the pursuit of justice, and his tendency to play dress up, well, if he isn’t a superhero, what the heck is he? Not to mention his long standing in the JLA, and the fact that in several stories, he’s the one guy able to take Superman down on ANY given day….

Imsel: He has abilities beyond the average guy as mentioned above, which makes him a superhero . They may not be outside the human range, but he’s at the top of the human scale. Similar for Green Arrow who is a regular guy with crazy archery skill. As an aside (and fun fact) DC and Marvel jointly hold the trademark on the term superhero.

Skeleton: I would also like to add that he was part of this group:

Bruzza B2: My opinion is that heroes that don’t have some fancy power package to fall back on are more heroic. He gets hurt, injured and takes on a large amount of risk to do what he does… THAT’s heroic. If he knew he could step in front of a freight train and not get hurt, there’s no risk. Never been a Superman fan, as you might have guessed!

Kirbydb: I think that gadgets aside he still has fighting and detective skills that are superhuman, so I would have to say he is a superhero. The joker is a supervillain and his claim to fame is the chemical dip he got that gave him his grin and skin color and high intelligence. The Penguin is smart and has umbrellas, Two face is crazy (and has the coin) and the riddler is smart. They all mirror Batman in high intellect and gadgets